Designed for mixologists, Blackbird Specialty Beverage Mixes are developed using premium, organic, and natural ingredients— proudly bottled by the Itaberco family in Baltimore, Maryland. Without compromising ingredients and flavors, Blackbird mixes
are shelf-stable, concentrated cocktail syrups designed for offering frozen craft cocktails. From Frosé to Bitters, Blackbird offers a spectrum of flavor profiles that guarantee mixologists consistency with every blend.

Old Fashion

You love using bitters in on-trend frozen cocktails, but know how difficult it is to deliver the complex flavors of the spirit without using twenty (or was that thirty?) dashes. Our newest mix contains the bold, botanical notes of bitters, rounded out with a ripe blood orange. Blackbird Bitters has many applications— our favorite is the Frozen Old Fashioned. 

Spicy Margarita


Piña Colada