Craft Cocktail Mixes

Designed for mixologists, Blackbird Specialty Beverage Mixes are developed using premium, organic, and natural ingredients— proudly bottled by the Itaberco family in Baltimore, Maryland. Without compromising ingredients and flavors, Blackbird mixes
are shelf-stable, concentrated cocktail syrups designed for offering frozen craft cocktails. From Frosé to Bitters, Blackbird offers a spectrum of flavor profiles that guarantee mixologists consistency with every blend.

You love using bitters in on-trend frozen cocktails but know how difficult it is to deliver the complex flavors of the spirit without using dozens of dashes. This mix contains bitters’ bold, botanical notes, rounded out with ripe blood orange. Blackbird Bitters has many applications —
our favorite is the Frozen
Old Fashioned. 

One of the most versatile of mixes, Blackbird Citrus is a perfect base to
riff on for citrus-forward frozen cocktails. With hints of lemon and lime plus their peels, this blend offers mixologists creative flexibility.   

Blackbird Frosé features delicate hints
of ripe strawberries and peaches with citrus notes. When blended with rosé wine and vodka, Blackbird Frosé
is a spring and summer darling.
Floral, aromatic, and fresh, Frosé
is a refreshing alternative
to spirit-forward cocktails.

Zingy Moscow Mules without
bottles of ginger beer cluttering
up the bar. Blackbird Ginger delivers the bold and spicy notes of fresh ginger along with a touch of acidity that pairs flawlessly with both light and dark liquors. 

The Margarita is a classic that’s never
out of style—and for good reason. Stick with the tangy original to achieve simplicity at its best, or use Blackbird Margarita as the foundation to create unique craft flavors, such as a Mezcal Mango Margarita.

A popular summer cocktail that is destined to make you feel like you’re at a beach year-round, no muddle necessary. With herbaceous mint flavor, organic lime juice, and sweetness from organic cane sugar, a frozen mojito has never
been so delicious.

Coconut water and tart pineapple
tango in the mainstay beachside
cocktail that’s refreshing,
tropical, and just sweet enough.

Featuring bold notes of wine-poached apples, blood oranges, limes, pears, and spices, the Blackbird Sangria is a throwback to summers spent in Barcelona, drinking the refreshing, fruit-laden punch with friends.
All it needs is the addition of your favorite vino rojo (red wine),
brandy, and tapas.

The first beverage to “Spice Up
Your Life” since the hit song in 1997
(Yes, this is a Spice Girls reference.)
A drink that’s responsible for more romance than chocolate or flowers. You can pair it with tacos or guac’ but remember that Tuesday isn’t
the only day worth spicing up
with a Blackbird Spicy Margarita.